Monday, April 9, 2012

Indulgence and success this weekend

I'll start off by saying I had an incredibly lovely weekend where I saw my family, Chris' family and got to spend every day with Chris :D

Success Stories:

Saturday morning Chris and I went to the gym for 45 minutes before hitting the road!

Sunday morning Chris and I took the dog on a 3 mile walk before Easter dinner

Sunday night Chris and I took a long walk around the city after Easter dinner

I did not overeat Easter dinner (one small piece of lasagna and one small piece of bread and a cookie!) ... it was my lunch and my dinner because we ate at 3PM so my calories for the day were a-okay.

Indulgence Stories:

I ate cheese before dinner on Saturday night that I did not need to but it was yummy

I had a super decadent dinner with Chris' family at a restaurant. I ate a fried risotto ball, hahaha, so healthy!

There was Godiva Chocolate cake to celebrate the birthdays back at Chris' parents home. I had two pieces. It was insanely, out of this world, breathtakingly delicious. I don't regret it at all, mmm mmm. It's not an everyday thing for me, for sure.

I went over my calories on Saturday. By about 600 - 800. A little set back.

Moral of the Stories:

Everything seems to have balanced out!

I just got back from my Monday morning gym workout. It was GREAT! I felt strong, cardio flew by, my pull ups are getting stronger (I need less assistance), and I worked on my abs!

Going to eat super clean for the next two days to just clean out the rich food I indulged in on Saturday.

Overall feeling pretty positive :)

Seeing the families was good. There was stress just because it is family and there is a lot of history there, but I had a great time regardless of being a tad stressed out. Chris and I are both definitely working on not turning to food or alcohol in those stressful situations. We are sometimes successful and sometimes not, but it is overall forward progression.

Hoping everyone is feeling back on track and settling down after the holiday weekend!

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  1. My stomach literally growled when I read the words "Godiva" and "Rice Ball."

    Sounds like you had a very successful and balenced Easter weekend, which is great!!

    Let the positivity flow!