Friday, April 20, 2012

Biggest challenge stay on track yet: travel

So we are leaving sometime this afternoon to head down to NYC for a few concerts we are seeing this weekend. It makes me super nervous about staying paleo the entire time, which I want to. I already know I will not have alcohol. But I worry about being hungry out in the city and not having enough snacks with us!

I am going to try my best to prepare for this. Luckily, we are staying with a friend who knows about and is supportive of what we are trying to do here. So he isn't going to have loads of tempting treats or anything for us when we get there.

But we are going out into the city before dinner time (though I will eat my dinner at his house, even if it is early) and staying out pretty late both Friday and Saturday nights. I am bringing a Lara Bar and almonds and hoping for the best!

I will let you know how it all went when we get back :)

Oh yes, we went to a soup party last night (our friends made several paleo-friendly soups, they're the best!), and I weighed in this morning at 132.2... makes much more sense than the super low weight I weighed in at yesterday. I still love it and can't wait to keep progressing!


  1. Best of luck in your travels and staying on your plan. Great news that your friend is being supportive.

  2. Good on ya for going prepared. Good luck on your continuing progress!