Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Weekend

So I weighed in this morning at 135.6, up .8 of a pound from last week. Bummer! But, after a brief "Grrrrr" moment this morning, I have come to terms with it as natural. I need to accept that my weight will fluctuate up and down, especially since I am at a good weight right now. I weighed myself because when I looked in the mirror this morning, I saw a thin, strong, healthy person and thought "Well! Everything looks good, must be down to 133 by now!"

Nope! It's okay, though. I haven't missed any gym time (except my off day on Wednesday where I am very busy at the university, but that is planned). My eating was a little off earlier this week, but has been right on track the past two days. It needs to stay on track for longer periods for me to actually hit my goal. Trying to remember this.

I behaved VERY well at a dinner party at my friend's house last night. I had 1000 calories to spare (I worked out super hard to get some extra buffer zone for the dinner) and ate two pieces of homemade, whole wheat veggie pizza, ONE glass of red wine, a healthy spinach salad and some sweet potato chips. And I didn't go over on my calories! I felt very pleased to have had such a lovely, tasty, filling meal and still stay within goal. Also: we walked two miles round trip to their house, so I got some  bonus exercise to boot :)

Tomorrow, we are visiting Chris' family to celebrate his mom and his sister's birthdays. We are going out to eat at a fancy restaurant.

Stay strong.
Stay conscious.
Remember what is important long term.

I plan to exercise a little before the visit  and eat very smartly during the day, so that again, I can enjoy a nice meal, but still keep that meal healthy, light and made with whole ingredients.

I hope someday this all comes more naturally to me and I don't have to plan so much in advance for these moments! For now, I am content with working on staying aware and present in my environment to avoid just shoving food into my mouth for no reason. It isn't always fun to work on this  so hard. But it is paying off. Even with the slight gain this week, I am kind of starting to love my body.

A very nice feeling :)

Namaste, friends, I hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend and feels happy and confident!


  1. I have often weighed myself because I feel light & strong and I expect that to be reflected on the scale!! It sucks when we are wrong!!!!

    Keep on keepin' on - and enjoy your weekend! Namaste :)

  2. I like your attitude about this. The weight DOES fluctuate, no matter what.