Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mistakes on the Wine Trail

Alright. So we did the Finger Lakes Wine and Herb Wine Trail this weekend, with 12 friends and a limo to cart us around. We scheduled it before we did Paleo, so we decided to take the day off and enjoy the trip. Chris and I agreed that we still wouldn't eat non-Paleo and we would try to make good decisions.

I got pretty drunk. Right away.

I guess that is what drinking after weeks of abstaining will do (I was cutting out the alcohol weeks before we went Paleo).

Each winery gave out samples of food to pair with the wine. I didn't eat *most* of the samples that weren't paleo friendly though. Skipped out on three samples of pasta salad. However, I did eat fudge, a strawberry rhubarb crumble, and cheese. Also, I had an open faced turkey and apple sandwich for lunch, so I ate a piece of bread. Oy.

When we got back to the cabin, I only ate meat and veggies, though. So that was a win! There were chips and things of that nature all around and I abstained (even though I was pretty drunk!)

The wine and non-paleo, very sugary food I ate took its toll. I started to feel hungover and sick around 10 PM that night while we were all sitting around the fire. I stayed awake for another hour and then went to bed. My stomach was NOT happy. I am glad I didn't indulge more! If I hadn't been doing Paleo for two weeks before this trip, my eating and drinking on the trip would have been much, much more. So thank, Paleo, you kept me in line!

I ate a paleo breakfast and a paleo dinner.
I didn't eat everything put in front of me!
I didn't drink once the trail was over. Only drank water back at the cabins.
I did much better than I would have done this time last year.
We took a five mile hike over the weekend to mitigate some of the unhealthy behaviors.

I drank... a lot. Maybe 8 glasses of wine total? Insane. I can't know! We were drinking little sips at a time. I regret how much I drank.
I ate non-paleo food (fudge, bread, crumbles, cheese, and that's all I can remember haha!)
I felt very, very sick at the end of my trip. Not fun. I don't like having to leave my friends because I feel sick!

So, all in all, I learned I don't want to eat and drink like that. It is bad for my body. My body rebelled against it, in fact. I paid dearly for my choices.

I like feeling good, bright, healthy and strong so much better!

No more alcohol-specific trips in the near future for us :D

We have eaten strictly paleo since we woke up this morning, though. I made coconut flour rosemary bread and almond flour pumpkin muffins for the week. So back on track right away!


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  1. I actually think you did fairly well considering the environment. I would hesitate to call them "fails" so much as challenges or obstacles. The fact that you're back on track and stayed on track while at the cabins is commendable.