Monday, April 16, 2012

Crazy Fun Weekend!

I was originally going to make my next post a detailed outline of my new eating plan, but I am putting off the details till tomorrow, because I *need* to post about my weekend! I will not go into super details about any of the weekend events so as not to bore you, but I have to get it off my chest.

Friday Night: at the last minute, I decided to go out dancing with a couple of friends to an electronic/dubstep DJ event. I ended up staying out till 4 am! Now, I am pretty regular at going to bed around 11 pm, so this was a shock to my system. But I had a super fun time. Also, I walked the 2 miles to the club and danced for 6 hours and only had two drinks, so it all evened out health-wise.

Another little victory Friday: I went without Chris and ended up getting hit on by several young men. Half the crowd was college undergrads and they mistook me for one of them! They thought I was 21 :) It felt pretty darned good.

Saturday: I woke up at 7 am on Saturday. That makes for 3 hours of sleep. Ouch. Not the greatest. To recover from my long night, I walked to the local juice bar, Lil Buddha, and got a super juice of carrots, beets, spinach, cantaloupe, ginger and wheatgrass! I rested, took my dog for a long walk, and then went to my first ever Passover Dinner (Seder) at a friend's house. He held a little, fun, and abbreviated Seder for his friends and I enjoyed it! I overate, though, and felt slightly bad about that. But I knew I would make up for it!

Sunday: We went for a 7 mile hike in the Catskills (we did Sugerloaf, a Catskill 35er). While on a cliff edge, a bald eagle flew up from under us and passed four feet in front of our faces! It was an incredible moment for all of us. We were excited for the rest of the day. I may post pictures of the hike sometime later.

When we got home, we shopped at the co-op for things we would need to start our new "diet" (I like to call it more of an experiment). Then we walked 2 miles to our friends house to watch Game of Thrones, I ate one piece of pizza (totally allowed after hiking 7 miles) and then walked 2 miles back home! Slept like the dead.

Today: Not much to say yet, since my day hasn't really happened yet. I am taking my dog to the park since they turned the fountain on and he loves to swim/play in it (and it is going to be 86 degrees today, yuck!).

Today also starts our new food experiment, which I will talk about a little more tomorrow. We are going Paleo for one months. No grains, extra sugar (other than what is in fruit), legumes (no peanuts, augh!), dairy, alcohol, or processed food. It's a toughie, but necessary for us. We are in a rut with food and taking a lot of things for granted.

Also: I don't like my weight. Up to 136 (though it is TOM for me, but still!). So I want to shake things up a bit.

Talk to you tomorrow, love you all!

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