Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day! (and a new dress)

Normally my Wednesday is very busy: teaching labs all morning, prepping labs for the next week, attending lecture, farmer's market day (yay!). I usually skip the gym on Wednesdays (using it as my rest day). Then we have our weekly meet-up with friends for food and TV!

But because of Spring Break, I don't have labs this Wednesday (another yay!), and told myself yesterday that I would use this day off to get to the gym.

I am not honoring that promise, yikes! I am SORE. My core is sore. My shoulders are sore. I cannot fathom working out right now. I plan to walk a lot today (long walk of the dog, also walking 2 miles to the TV night) and I think that will have to suffice.

I weighed in today. 135.4. So holding steady right between the 134.8 - 135.6 that I've been weighing in at for a couple of weeks now.

PLATEAU! I am really behaving so well. I want to see some number progress (repeating my mantra that this takes time). I see the progress in my body.

As a note to that progress: I bought a dress at Old Navy I usually would never dare (dress!because it has no seaming to disguise my problems areas. I usually try to get empire waists or something that floats away from my mid-section because it is a bit bumpy and not the most aesthetically pleasant.

I am getting used to showing my body a little more. It is not perfect. My stomach is not flat. But I have muscle and my waist is getting smaller (and is definitely smaller than my hips!) and so I bought this dress. Just a simple body-fitting sheath with a rope tie. And it looks good! Chris very, very much appreciated it when I tried it on for him :) I love the green color, too. I have hazel-ish eyes, but this dress makes them look very green.

Still a little nervous about it. But I know just when I am going to wear it (as long as it gets warmer by the end of the month!)

So buying a dress that looks hot and a dress in which I have no where to hide is a good way to notice progress, even if the $&^%&@* scale still shows me as not changing, haha!

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  1. Lovely to hear about progress measured in a way that doesn't rely on the scales. Sometimes it gets hard to remember there are other things in life when that darned needle doesn't drop!

    Bet you'll look stunning in your dress - which looks fabulous in the picture.