Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paleo Experiment Day 2: Bloating GONE (food list)

So, I had a low last month of 134.8, which delighted me beyond words. I have slowly been creeping up until on Monday morning (after a day where I had a cup of ice cream and a slice of pizzeria pizza) I weighed in at 136.2. Sadface.

We started a Paleo experiment yesterday. Chris and I are eliminating all grains, all legumes (even my beloved peanut), all added sugars, all dairy and all alcohol (except for two days of wine tasting that were already planned before this experiment) for 30 days.

This morning, I weighed in at 134.4


Excitement!!! All the bloat and water weight from making the wrong food choices disappeared overnight! I was eating within my calories for the past 3 weeks and working out, so I knew I wasn't putting on fat, but choosing the wrong foods was making me bloat and hold on to some extra weight.

This gives me such drive to stay strong this month and keep to my plan!

We are going to be slowly adding in some dairy, legumes, and whole grains over the course of the month following this experiment, to see what our bodies respond to positively and negatively.

I will tell you what I ate yesterday:


Small sweet potato latke
Crustless quiche with sausage
1/2 cup cantaloupe diced


Cabbage and carrots  and mushrooms with olive oil (seasoned)


1/2 lb of salmon (this protein and fat felt AMAZING)
asparagus with oil
Broccoli and garlic


Drink with coconut water and meat, cantaloupe and banana
Red Pear
20 Almonds
5 green olives stuffed with garlic
3 Walnuts

There you have! I think it is pretty well rounded and delicious. I think I got all my nutrients in. Ended up with under 50% carbs for the day, even though I ate a ton of veggies and about 25% each of protein and fat. Those were the percentages I was aiming for.

I felt great yesterday: crisp and fresh and bright. Not weighed down at all. I have high hopes for this experiment. I feel that Chris and I will find the foods that work for us and give our bodies strength without inflammation or heaviness. We will be healthy and mindful :)

I did not work out yesterday, other than taking my dog for a walk and to play in the park fountain. Here is a fun picture:

I did workout today. An intense yoga session where we never held a pose for longer than a breath! I felt all swimmy in my head, haha. Then a little cardio and strength and ready to start my day!


  1. Sounds awesome! Maybe I will try Paleo for a month in the future and see how I like it. Good for you!

  2. Congrats on the loss! Cute dog!