Tuesday, April 24, 2012


A commenter brought up a good point about carbs. So I guess I wanted to mull it over a little!

The majority of my diet is still carbs, and they come from sweet potatoes, vegetables and fruits. It's just less carbs than I used to eat. I don't think carbs are inherently bad, either! It just seems that slightly less then 50% carbs works really well for me. I also don't think that would work for everybody!

Everyone had different bodies, different chemistries, and different needs. I don't believe a no carb or even a low carb diet would work for me! (I don't consider myself low carb doing this paleo experiment, because I don't even try to purposely reduce my carbs. It just happens that way because it is hard to eat as many carbs without grains)

So I guess I wanted to make it clear I am not writing this blog to tell other people how they should eat or exercise. This is just my own accountability and my own story :)

I slept in late today because we were at Passion Pit last night. They did a good job and I had fun but the venue was terrible!

Skipped yoga class this morning. I've been getting less than 8 hours of sleep for 5 days now, and I know I will end up sick if I didn't try for 8 last night! To make up for my skip, I am going to head to the gym before getting work done today.


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