Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend adventures!

One overnight in a lean-to, 15 miles, four High Peaks, one slide climb....

An amazing weekend (which isn't even over yet :))

Here are some pictures!

Trout lily at the beginning of our hike! Lots of spring flowers out and about :)

Our dinner: Chorizo and broccoli!

This was the slide I climbed up.... it was steep and had lots of loose rock. I was pretty damned scared!

Cairn! These help guide us on our hikes.

Obligatory couple shot. We had a great time on this hike... it was grueling but we did it together!

Panorama from Elk Lake to Dix Mountain (you can only see the beck horn of it here)

We climbed Macomb, South Dix (Carson), East Dix (Grace), and Hough. Lots of up and down on the hike, even though the mileage was lower than some of our recent hikes, made it very tough!

We are at 42 mountains out of 46 to become Adirondack 46ers :) Super happy and can't wait to make it happen. We have another trip to get a big mountain done next weekend planned.

I weighed in at 128.8 this morning. That's a new number for me (biiiiig smiles). It is also an accomplishment. In the past, both Chris and I would overeat ON the hike and AFTER the hike, because our bodies would be so tired. Too many Cliff bars, too many nuts, sandwiches, and other high calorie foods on the hike. After: whatever caught our fancy at a restaurant, diner, or Stewart's convenience store. Too much!

My post tomorrow: how to participate in high endurance sports (especially hiking) and not fall prey to that trap I fell into so many times.... eating MORE than your body needs. It is so important to fuel your body properly, and it is more about WHAT you eat that counts in these times. We saw a group of 5 older people eating a five pound bag of M&Ms and peanuts during their hike.... that doesn't work for me!

Anyway, hope all you mother's out there have a GORGEOUS Mother's Day. I'll be remembering my mother today :)


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  1. I am just loving reading your backposts especially since we are in NY right now. Am so sad I didn't get to hike more. This is awesome. And loving reading someone who is new at Paleo. It's something I've been looking at because I'm already incorporating so many of it's characteristics in my own eating plan.