Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weight training! (shaking up the routine!)

So I have been getting more and more interested in weight training (getting into paleo... it is hard not to read up on all the cross-fit stuff!).

I put in 2 or 3 days a week where I try to strength train at my gym... I use all the machines, do pull ups, dips, use free weights. But most of my knowledge comes from work out videos like the 30 day shred, haha.

I turned to a friend of mine who is pretty knowledgeable about this stuff. Josh took me to his gym this morning and put me through a workout... whoa, I am shaking!! He also showed me other exercises to put into play in my workouts next time.

I needed something to shake me up. I definitely think my body is getting used to my workouts. Two months ago, I used to be SORE SORE SORE after working out. Now, I feel some slight fatigue, but otherwise I am good to go.

Got a feeling I am going to be SORE SORE SORE tomorrow.

But that's good! It means I am changing my body :D

Also something we discovered in this workout... my core needs WORK. I thought I was pretty good with my core... I do balance work, yoga, planks, sit ups, etc. But Josh did some intense core moves with me and was like, "Whoa! You need core work!" Hahaha! Okay, duly noted.

What a great thing... meeting up with a friend and trying their workout. I think I will try to do this every couple of months. (or something similar: like try a sport I've never done or join a class I haven't tried) I think it will keep my body on it's toes and keep increasing my fitness.

Don't want to get too used to my routine, get stuck in a rut, get bored, or not see any changes physically!

Nothing else really of note as far as accountability... I got a GREAT night's sleep last night (didn't sleep well while traveling this weekend and Monday night was so damned HOT), still eating very well as far as paleo goes, and missing my guy. Trying to keep busy, though!

Love you all, thanks for taking the time to read my words, take a dip into my life, and help me stay accountable (the more readers I see reading my blog, the more I feel like I should do well :D)


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  1. Hey...send that friend around here!! lol