Friday, May 11, 2012

Weight, dentist, hiking

Okay, so I have a crazy day ahead of me, but I wanted to report in!

Firstly, I weighed in at 129.0 today. (squeals) Pretty awesome. It might have been the coffee I had yesterday. I don't often have coffee, but when I do, it kind of cleans me out, hahaha. Oh well!

Secondly, I have a dentist appointment early this morning. I broke a tooth when I was younger and they filled it in with filling stuff. It has a dark spot under it now, so they have to clean off the filling and clean out the cavity. If it is too close to my nerve, they are going to do a root canal.......... I am petrified of the dentist and this sends me into a near panic even typing it.


Hoping everything goes quickly and well. I am dreading even the numbing shots!

Breathing more.....

Thirdly, if everything goes well at the dentist and I am not too screwed up by it, we are going to go hiking this afternoon... a backpack into the High Peaks to attempt four more mountains tomorrow. But we will see!

Hope everyone is well out there in blog land!


  1. Your weight rocks!!

    Good luck @ the dentist! I used to have a big fear of going myself. Avoided it for 15 years and ended up with a mouthful of 12 cavities. Ridiculous, right? Now I go every 6 months and actually look forward to it. Obviously, having my 12 cavities fixed gave me the opportunity to get comfortable in the chair!

  2. I hope everything goes well at the dentist. I personally avoid them like the plague.

  3. I hope your dentist appointment goes well! I absolutely hate going, it's a huge fear of mine. I get gassed up every time I do, that makes it almost fun. Weird huh!

  4. Ahh the Dentist! I am exactly the same way. I had a tooth out Wednesday and it was very difficult to even turn up. I don't mind the needles. It's the rest that I get scared over. Just'll be over before you know it.