Thursday, May 29, 2014

Help Your Immune System

You can't maintain good health if your immune system is worn down from constantly battling what you are putting into your body. Your body doesn't easily or naturally deal with non-natural foods (HFCS, GMO corn and wheat, chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, etc).

How can you expect longevity or good health if you aren't giving your body the fuel it needs to thrive?

Load up on veggies!


Whatever else your diet is - vegetables are an incredibly important resource of nutrition and fiber and dozens of other healing things (Let food by thy medicine!! Do not take that lightly - food can prevent or cause disease, depending on your choices).

And you know my stance - get low spray/pesticide free, non-GMO, and organic veggies when possible (those things are just as harmful as eating a snack cake full of chemicals).

I watch friends, family, read blogs and am shocked at how little vegetables people really eat. 

Yesterday was a slow day on veggies for me: red cabbage/carrot slaw, sweet potatoes and beets for lunch... Tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic at dinner.

I was kind of off schedule with subbing and didn't eat my usual huge salad (I usually eat a giant bowl of spinach/romaine for lunch so I didn't get my greens!). But this is not a job I for see doing in the future... Whatever job I DO get, I will have to develop a nice routine so I bring a pre-prepped salad for my day.

But a large portion of my day, every day, it's filled with plant matter. One huge benefit? All that fiber keeps me really full for a very low caloric input. But the real benefit? My body functions well and has all the good fuel it needs to help me maintain my energy, prevent disease, and thrive as best I can.

Protect your life - it's the only one we know for certain that we get.

Namaste <3


  1. Just yesterday I was telling my husband "I have got to eat more veggies". It's not that what I'm eating is unhealthy per say, but I'm eating meat and fruit too much or dairy and grains, but not nearly enough veggies. I'll make that a goal in this next week, to focus more on the veggies! Keep preaching the good for you foods news friend!

  2. I just love vegetables and over a weekly menu plan include as many colours of the rainbow as I can. Just add some meat, fish etc and hey what you're cooking up and serving is some good healthy meals. Real foods, not processed ... cut down on sugars ... take some exercise.

    It just makes sense to me

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan