Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chicken, Wine, Stress

Weigh in: 122.2

I went on a super long walk with Kida yesterday, so long he actually seemed to WANT to go home by the last half mile. Takes a lot to tire that dog out!! But he hates it when temps go over 60 degrees (I would too if I wore that fur coat!).

Today is my last crazy day- dentist and final exam, then I just need to get grades submitted and I am DONE with this class. Didn't love teaching this semester, but it was a job. Now I need a new job (it would be great if ANYONE even responded when I submit an application... Apparently I am unemployable!!).

Ah, well, one step at a time.

Last night's roast chicken came out great:

And we treated ourselves to some wine (we are both pretty stressed- some stuff is going down at Chris' job right now that isn't great). It was a really special wine, tasted like ginger and cinnamon and was really different but super tasty:

Back to the grind, hoping for the best, hoping things work out for us eventually (I'd love ONE month where life doesn't seem to be crumbling around me, where I feel stable and secure just for a little while).

Working hard at NOT turning to food in response to these feelings... Thanks for letting me vent here, it helps a lot!!!

Namaste <3


  1. Sorry stress is affecting you and you man right now. Keep talking, writing and venting.

  2. Stress sucks. Hope yours is over soon. That chicken looks so good you're making me hungry! Lol