Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Well, I wanted to update you. My exam went really well, they grade it right in front of you, and I got a 95! So that should put me really high up in the rankings for a job with the city. I have to take a typing test next week, but I average around 75 words per minute, so I'm not worried about that.

Would just love some income so I can relax a little bit!

No other real news, weight is holding steady around 122, and I am feeling very light overall - relaxed, hopeful, etc. I am being proactive with a lot of things: my health, my schoolwork, finding a job. I have a small hope that this hard work will pay off and life will be okay for a while.

I will say that Jen, a Priorfatgirl, stating that she was leaving blogging can't hit me hard. She was the first weight-loss blog I started reading, long before I ever started posting.

A lot of my favorite bloggers have stopped blogging, a lot of them when they've got in a point if their life when they feel okay and stable. Most of them, I do not think are not devolving and getting unhealthy. They are just moving into another phase of their life and using their time for things other than blogging.

So, I wonder what's right for me. Do I still have things to say? I don't know. People probably don't want to listen for too long about how I've gotten to a good place. Nothing dynamic is happening anymore... I am at peace (for now... Life has a way of throwing wrenches into that feeling!!!) 

Should it be the end of my public blogging story? I don't know! 

Mulling it over :)

Till then- I'll keep writing because it is a nice outlet for me!



  1. :: guilty as charged myself, and yet, I returned today ::


    It's hard to say. But whatever choice you make for yourself, I support.

  2. Well, I think a blog can evolve. I for one would like to read about hiking adventures and just living healthy. My blog has changed from five years ago and that is all right.

  3. No, keep blogging - we need to keep telling our story and showing others that it can be done. Just let your blog go where you feel it should go.

  4. I agree with Lynda. Lots of folks blog about losing the weight, myself included. But you really don't see a whole lot of blogs about maintaining the weight loss. I think that's probably MORE difficult than losing the weight in the first place - though I'm sure about that since I'm in the losing phase ;-)

    I vote for you to keep blogging!

  5. A lot of the bloggers that have left are not actually maintaining . . .

    When I hit my first maintenance level there were almost no maintenance blogs. There were a few in weight loss at that same time. Honestly I can't think of any who have not regained (since that time). I went on to lose 20 more pounds (which was the smartest thing I ever did). My blog has evolved hugely. At this point I have probably written way more on the topic of inner work than weight loss/outer work (even with all the excess skin surgery posts I wrote last winter, which was a lot). I have written a lot about my family which is an important part of maintenance.

    I have weeks here and there (like last week) where I do not post every day, but for the most part, I have been daily for many years. I have people who have been with me since the beginning. I have many people who joined me later, but went back and read every post. I have one lady who read the whole thing twice. Huge task. I often write as much in my own comments as I did in the original post, so they read the comments too.

    My blog is a very valuable tool for me. Dates, trends, events, mind frame, process, evolution. It really captures where I am now, where I was, where I am going.

    A lot of the people who have stopped writing, in my personal opinion, actually stopped because they did not want to see where they were (inner work wise, life wise, maybe weight wise). I think that feeling of wanting to stop, was a step in the process for them, a clue, a possibility for growth. Not everyone, but a lot of them.

    1. Not everyone who regained regained it all. Some did. Some are in the goal +50 range.

      And I did just think of a couple who did maintain. And are still writing.

    2. Vickie - where is your blog?

  6. Your story is not finished yet - keep writing!