Thursday, May 22, 2014

Not Going Anywhere - for now!!

Just like it was hard for me to give up calorie counting and daily weighing and completely obsessing about that stuff... it would be hard for me to give up my blog.

And, unlike the obsessive calorie counting, I think my blog is really healthy for me! I don't devote TOO much time to blogging (I still give my other daily tasks/wants/needs priority) but I love reading my blogroll and getting comments on my own blog every day. It keeps me sane, helps me work through my anxieties, and makes me feel totally NOT alone in this struggle!

I just can't help but think I've gotten boring :D

But maintenance IS a little more boring than weight loss - there is no drama! There is just steady weight, daily exercise, clean food, moderated treats. Repeated daily for good health :D

I imagine my blog will change in the future - especially if I am able to get pregnant later this year as I would like to be. That is a WHOLE new world of finding a healthy balance I will have to tackle, and I imagine I won't be perfect at it, haha! And if I am not able to get pregnant, well, I suppose we will have to see what turns life will take then :)

I also will continue to talk a bit about how working on your spirit and mind are INTEGRAL parts of this healthy weight journey... I would not be successful right now if I hadn't purposefully changed some mental patterns that have been holding me back my whole life.

Didn't weigh in this morning, I slept late and rolled out of bed for some coffee and a dog walk.

On the agenda for the day: more job searching, working on my dissertation, a little yoga, more coffee!!

Ok, my friends, till next time when I promise to have my thoughts together a little better, have a more concise topic. I'm in a rambling, stream of consciousness sort of mood lately!

Namaste <3


  1. I for one love everything you blog about, Jeanette! You aren't boring at all!

    But I can understand re the no drama of maintaining. It does make blogs seem rather boring, and hard to find topics for posts, if we don't branch out. You branch out, I branch out...we still keep our health core to our blog theme, but we begin to incorporate real life other aspects of ourselves, because that's what maintenance IS. :)

  2. Glad you are sticking around! I find reading about life in maintenance and the ups and downs that go along with it show that it CAN be done. Your blog is for you. Post thoughts, links, whatever you feel... that's not boring :)

  3. Boring? Nope!

    As a fellow maintainer, it's great to see what works, what trips people up and how getting back to 'the plan' turns us around - still motivating, my dear. For me, I'm glad you're going to continue (and I'd REALLY miss the Koda pics!)

  4. not boring!! I love that you share where you are in maintenance, the struggles, the good days, and I love even more that you share your life with us...things you do, see, experience and how your new body/lifestyle fits in to all that. Just keep sharing :)

  5. Glad to hear you're not going to stop blogging. You're not boring me at all. Reading about how you are maintaining your weight while finding the right balance inspires me. I also enjoy reading about your hikes and nature experiences.