Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quiet Memorial Day Weekend

The weekend has been super quiet, but going very well. Not participating in any big holiday celebrations (though I did go to a last minute getogether last night where the only food was meat, veggies and fruit- worked for me!!)

I'm actually happy to NOT travel and go-go-go this weekend. Last year was nonstop traveling and gatherings- I got a little tired!!

Chris and I got out for a 10ish mile long bike ride along the Mohawk River: 

This is Lock 7:

I ate so-so so far this weekend but have been diligent about filling up on fresh, colorful veggies BEFORE I make any other food decisions:

Taking the dog on a hike today.

Staying active.

Drinking lots of water (and seltzer!).

Making veggies a priority.

All the things I've learned to do to stay healthy, going to keep doing them.

Namaste <3

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  1. Good job, sweetie! Enjoy the holiday, even if it's just laying low. :)