Friday, May 9, 2014

Preemptive strike!

So. Mid-May is looking a little stressful for me. And I am getting a little anxious thinking about all of the upcoming big life things.

What is happening in the next two weeks:

- endoscopy
- mammogram
- dental work
- giving final exam
- submitting grades (within days of final!)
- getting estimate on house for new windows
- exam for a city job
- other job ending (so I will be out of work in a week - which means job search stress goes up)

And then just other normal stupid life things.

I can predict my stress levels will go up significantly in the next week or two, knowing what is coming.

Which means, I can do something ahead of time to make sure that stress doesn't get out of control!!

First step: we are going to take a little getaway! We haven't had much downtime lately with all the extra side work (which I have been SO grateful for, but we have been run ragged for a couple months) and we are going to spend some time at Chris' parents cabin up north.

A little preemptive de-stressing :)

And I am going to make sure I eat exceptionally well and fuel my body with healthy nutrients that can support me through my medical procedures and keep my mind stable.

I will make time to be active and get my extra nerves out physically, so they don't build up on me.

I will take care of myself. I will deal with life in a mature and sane manner ;D

It has been important to note potential trigger situations for me and my anxiety, to not let it get out of control to the point I become a mess. It is important to take care so that I don't fall into old cycles of panic and stress, which inevitably hurt me mentally AND physically (I will definitely overeat when stressed!).

Steps towards becoming a more stable human - stable in mind and body and spirit.

Important work!

Namaste <3


  1. Planning ahead for stressful events is key. So is eating right. I figure that the stress will come and go. Never easy, but necessary for growth. Good luck. Glad you are planning ahead.

  2. Sounds an excellent plan to me.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan