Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Making quality family time active

Down a pound from the weekend - my body was in total grain rebellion and has been holding on to the bloat and the weight like crazy. Two days of clean eating behind me, many more to come. I'll get back to where I want to be. (Not loving the bloated belly look right now... it being my time of the month isn't helping, haha).

So - wanted to share a little slice of life that I think has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in staying healthy, fit and active.

Family activities.

Even before we ended up with Koda and it was just me and Chris in our apartment downtown, in our down time, we would go for walks/strolls/constitutionals/adventures after work. We just love walking around the city/world we live in and soaking it all in.

Quality time is active time for us :) (Obviously, our hobby is hiking, so weekend quality time is active time, too!).

It just has made it easy to get my miles in, to keep my heart working, to keep my body moving when it is lovely, fun, romantic and entertaining to be active.

It is NOT a chore. It is something we look forward to sharing.

Yesterday, when Chris got home from work, we went to the Albany Rural Cemetery (which is absolutely huge and totally gorgeous) and took a long walk with Koda (who had already had a 3 mile walk that day, haha).

Chris and Koda at Chester Arthur's grave

The takeaway?

Make a large part of the sweet times you spend with loved ones active. It is good for your heart/body/mind as well as your loved ones' hearts/bodies/minds!

We spend our fair share of time watching TV or playing on our phones or playing Jenga or having a drink together. Don't get me wrong :) We can be lazy and droopy on the couch as much as anyone else! But now that the skies are blue and the grass is green and the days are warm? We get out there just as much!

I walked around 6 miles yesterday (purposeful going-on-a-walk miles) just because I wanted to enjoy my family! It helps that Koda's third favorite thing to do in the world is go on a walk- number one is to swim and number two is to hike off-leash! I can't let my dog go a day without a long walk... it helps him relax and be at peace.

In other news: shoulder muscle is slowly healing. I had a big yawn yesterday that made me yelp in pain!! I can take a deeper breath today :) Strange injury, but I can tell it is not permanent and should be not noticeable by tomorrow.

Namaste <3


  1. I love walking and being active with the family is awesome!

  2. Here here! Agreed. This time of year we are active together in our yard...we have a lot of beds, so a lot of maintenance is needed, and mowing, weeding, trimming. Tonight we are going to have some chill time at the pool at the gym! So looking forward to that too as this pollen is killin' me outside right now.

    Glad your shoulder is healing! Have a great rest of your week!

  3. I had an injury like that a few years ago, from something odd in a backbend. I had done a zillion before, I have done a zillion since, but that day, some weird movement. I think it was actually something to do with the connections between ribs, but exactly in the area you describe. I felt twinges for a long time, at certain odd movements or angles.

  4. Family time and walking ... a great mix.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan