Thursday, May 1, 2014

Clean Spirit this May :)

May is a time of renewal... life is coming back into the world, flowers are popping up, birds are coming home, the woods are turning green again.

I love May :)

I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning, of spirit and home.

We finally spent some wedding money (that I am saving just in case job searching doesn't go well!) and bought a new rug for the living room (the blue room) and chairs for the sun room (you can see behind the dining room) and put up our Japan souvenirs in the dining room and cleaned the HECK out of the downstairs.

My downstairs is FINALLY complete (aside from a floor refinishing that will happen much much later, when I have a stable job).

It feels amazing and fresh!!

I've also been collecting wildflowers on my dog walks and decorating the kitchen table:

I don't know which spawned which, but a clean, fresh, bright, renewed house is closely connected to my spirit!!

I've also been sweating hard, moving furniture, beating rugs out, mopping and vacuuming, etc, etc - good workout to do a deep clean on the house :D 

Busy day ahead - administrative work for my class, prep for my next project, an appointment to talk with a nurse about my upcoming endoscopy, dog walk and potential girls' night tonight :)

Better get to it!

Namaste <3


  1. I love the colors and feel of your house! The rug looks great!

    I love May too..mostly because that's when we usually squeeze in a real vacation, but also because it's finally warm, and most undeniably spring!!!

  2. May is a great month ...thanks for sharing your pictures.

    All the best Jan