Monday, May 5, 2014

Addictive Processed Grains

So, on my little weekend update, I mentioned I had cake. That started a bad trend for the weekend leading to me snacking on a piece of pizza at my friend's house last night (in between cake and pizza was a bite of bagel and pretzels).

Nutritionally crap food.

And I am feeling it.

Feeling the IMMEDIATE chemical repercussions - the addictive feelings, the dependence, the desire, the cravings, the bloating, etc.

Grains are not good for me. Processed white flour is the WORST for me.

I should heed Karen's advice - I CAN say no to Grandma (though family dynamics and such - I do find it exceedingly hard to even momentarily make her a little distressed... she's been through a lot and is an amazing lady and is NINETY NINE, hahaha). She would have worried about me not eating enough and asked a few dozen times if I've eaten anything yet, but then the day would have passed and I would have NOT gone on a little carb binge this weekend.

Live and learn!

I tell you again and again - I am not perfect and I will always have lessons to learn. I am living better than I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, heck - even 1 year ago... but it's not perfect :) Won't ever be, I suppose, but I can always work on getting better.

I've been so busy with papers, grades, reports and projects that I didn't do much yoga/strength training at all last week (just my hour long dog walks daily made it in - Koda would never let me skip THAT).

So today there will be lots of centering yoga. Lots of green vegetables. Lots of water.

Purge the little voice in my head telling me to eat cookies and cupcakes and pizza!

Chris and I are also taking a chocolate break - we did not purchase any chocolate at the store for our weekly grocery shop this week. Focus on veggies, fruit, nuts and lean protein. Chocolate was taking up valuable caloric space in my life, just got to tone it down is all!

Ok - back to work :)

Namaste, my friends <3


  1. "Live and Learn"

    Make good choices just makes good sense.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  2. Setting good boundaries trains others how to treat you. Essential for good relationships. Onward. Here's to putting ourselves first. Good learnings. :). For medical stuff I always tell the family. " doctor says no cake". Nobody messes with that!

  3. Yep... I had a weekend a bit like that myself. I can't do grains or sugar :) I suppose at least it makes me realise how far I've come for foods to react that badly.