Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What I ate yesterday, Life updates

Eating has been spot on for the last few days - the sugar cravings are almost gone :)

Funny how that works. Eat sugar, crave sugar, eat more sugar, crave more sugar, and so on. Breaking the cycle has to be a purposeful and determined effort!

My food yesterday (just because it's fun and maybe informative to show people how I eat?):

Breakfast: lactose free cottage cheese with FRESH, organic blueberries and strawberries with sunflower seed butter drizzled on top (the berries were on sale at the co-op - so delighted!)

Lunch: pulled pork with hazelnut green beans and mashed sweet potatoes (all leftovers)

Snack: raisins

Dinner: cabbage and carrot salad, beets, brussels sprouts and a bunless grass-fed beef burger

Dessert: coconut milk ice cream (splurge!)

Super delicious and very veggie heavy!

I love, love, love having leftovers in the house. We make a lot of food for dinner, way too much for two people to eat, so that I can eat them for a day or two after. I eat so much better when I have easy access to food (not having to cook from scratch for every meal!).

I have leftover burgers for lunch today or tomorrow from dinner last night :)

So, life.

I passed the typing test - actually typed over double the minimum needed to pass with very few mistakes. So, we will see. I need a job. Bad. I'm kind of freaked out about it. Getting more freaked out every day. But I keep applying for jobs, keep looking, taking tests, putting my name out there. But still freaked out.

I am working the next two days as a substitute teacher. I REALLY don't like subbing, but it's money and I'm not about to turn down money.

So chugging on, as always :) Already did the dog walk for the day, I also walked home from city hall after my test (3.2 miles!), going to do a little yoga to relax and then work on my dissertation.

Namaste, friends.


  1. Leftovers are the BEST!

    And you are soooOOOoooo right about the sugar cycle! Glad the most recent bout is in my rear view mirror. Hopefully, some day, I'll be as perfect as Karen/Garden Girl. It's my goal. :)

  2. I agree - eat sugar, crave sugar.

    But I think it is more complex than that. Eat sugar, crave sugar and also crave fat. Eat sugar and fat, crave salt. And it just keeps looping and looping.

    Those three (salt, fat, sugar) often trigger pain (migraine, GI, female, acne, joint, sleep, bloat, etc) and often then we feel we need to "feed" the pain and eat more of the same, generating more loops.

    And that is all physical, doesn't even address the emotional. . .

  3. I always make much more food than we need these days. I love leftovers!! I have two lots of leftovers that I pulled from the freezer that will do two meals while we are away at the beach house. I hope you find work soon - I'm sure it will happen soon.

  4. Aww shucks! I'm so disappointed you don't enjoy substitute teaching. Although from what I recall you only talked about working with kindergarten students. Those little guys are exhausting!!! I would never teach kids that young, they are just too needy for me. Adorable, but needy. Maybe you'll have better luck with an older, more independent, age.

  5. Leftovers are the best!

    Yannow - that walk was 5k!...almost!