Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Changing though patterns, Hurt shoulder

Well, my weight is up for sure - I gave it a day before I checked, haha, but going off plan this weekend and starting my cycle this week has me up to 125.

(deep breathing to avoid disordered thinking about the weight)

I have to take the time to rearrange the habitual thinking patterns that are so deeply ingrained in my mind.

It is a worthwhile endeavor.

I am more at peace when I don't allow a weight to affect my mood. Yes, my weight is up. But I already have one day of clean, paleo eating behind me to get back on track. That means that it will be even easier today to eat clean and paleo.

I am doing the right things for my body RIGHT NOW, and that is what matters. This weekend is in the past and I cannot change it, only learn from it!

So, in other news?

Well, as far as general life goes - I am almost done with all the projects from the contract job (which is awesome, as I cannot wait for the paycheck!), I only have one more class to teach and then the final exam. I have been busy but it has been worth it. But I am also a little tired :)

Slightly sucky news: I woke up yesterday with a strained muscle on my back (below my left shoulder blade and wrapping around my ribs, whatever muscle that is!). It was pretty painful yesterday, as in, taking a deep breath hurt me! I took it easy (no working out, just walks) and Chris massaged my back. It is a little better today, as in, I can take a deepER breath, but not all the way. I have a better range of movement.

Doing some careful stretching, will avoid any workouts for my upper body again, go on my walks, maybe do a squat challenge! Otherwise resting my back and shoulder, wanting it to heal completely (no idea how I stretched it).

So onward and upward, doing good things for my body and brain and spirit (even if I falter sometimes, that is always the ultimate goal and what I will focus on in the present)


  1. Hope you have a great week regardless of the weight. I'm constantly adjusting and re-tweaking and finding what works. I have a feeling it's going to be a lifelong endeavor :)

    Great quote at the end. We all need to be reminded to be more present in the moment.

  2. Sorry you are hurt! Remember a few pound flux is normal. Love the end quote too!