Friday, May 16, 2014

Finding rules that you can live with!

Well, I have learned a few lessons..

Best remedy for anxiety? Being proactive.

I spent last evening tweaking my resume, writing letters of interest, and submitting applications. Maybe no job will come of it, but just trying my best makes me feel better!

I do have an exam on Tuesday to work for the city. Hoping I score high and get put high up on the list!

Not much else - managing my life and stress are the keys to managing my health. I used to "manage" stress with food (never actually worked for more than 15 minutes!!) and made my life and health worse.

Weight is still 122.2 and I'm pleased with that.

Will probably be seeing friends tonight for a game night - another good stress reliever!!! I will be bringing my usual liter of seltzer to drink and won't be drinking alcohol as I already had a few drinks with Chris this week...

Balance :)

I still drink, still have treats, etc. But I space them out... Make sure I have a few days of completely clean and paleo eating before I indulge again! Alcohol no more than once a week. Easy to follow and easy to live with self-imposed rules :)

Finding a healthy system I can find happiness in has been key!

I used to be a little more strict, and it would result in binges. I used to be a little more lax (like, I would drink 2-3 times a week) and it would result in weight gain.

My current rules have kept my weight stable AND do not lead to feelings of deprivation. 

It took a few years to figure out!

OK- Waiting for my car inspection to be over...  Then I will take the dog on a nice, long, relaxing walk.

Namaste <3

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