Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Check In

Sorry I've been quiet!!

Things I've been doing this weekend:

- celebrating my grandma's 99th birthday (ate cake! You don't say no to Grandma!)

- had a campfire with friends~! (drank wine)

- dug THREE projects and worked on the maps/reports

- hanging with the husband, dog, and cat :)

- looking forward to watching Game of Thrones tonight!!

- enjoying myself!

And I have kept myself really busy and really tired. Definitely a little bloated from non-paleo treats yesterday, but, as is usual with me, no regrets - just getting right back to normal!

My weekends are a LOT cleaner than they used to be. There used to be a lot more alcohol and a lot more bad food choices. Some weekends, now, are totally clean and paleo. Sometimes, like this weekend, I go off plan a little. I enjoyed the cake and the wine - but I enjoyed my family and my friends a whole lot more! Making the people the focus really helps :)

Ok - back to working on reports a little before show time!



  1. Love this!Can't wait for GoT later.... Sounds like a great weekend

  2. It sounds like a pretty good weekend! That is important, because we need a time to unwind and enjoy.

  3. Congrats. Up to you what you say yes or no to. I'm a person who does say no to everybody- especially myself. I find that people don't care. The ones who fuss, it's really about them and not me. Yep, I'm that person, I say no to grandma! Grandma and I won't have it any other way. ;)

    Glad you are making choices that are right for you. Alcohol is the start to many food binges for many people- so glad you are connecting the dots. Onward. Karen P.

  4. "The ones who fuss, it's really about them and not me."

    Very true

  5. 99 what a brilliant age......

    Choices of food - drink etc it's up to each of us to decide.....

    All the best Jan.