Monday, December 16, 2013

Snowshoeing - full body workout!

Sunday was a much more focused on-plan day than my Friday and Saturday - we ate clean, TONS of veggies, and went on a long snowshoe hike in the freshly fallen snow! I don't have a ton of experience breaking trail while snowshoeing, and WOW, intense workout. My thighs, butt, and sides were burning by the end. Even my arms hurt from keeping balance :D

Seriously - I really recommend snowshoeing. Anyone can do it, regardless of athletic ability or stage of fitness. And you will build up muscles you didn't even know you had, hahaha.

It was a great day. It made me as happy as having everyone over to my house for a dinner party!

Actually, it was an overall amazing weekend that put me firmly in the holiday spirit.

Pictures from the hike:

Feeling fit :D

The wind would blow all the snow off the trees and cause mini blizzards!

Snow was DEEEEEEEEP - came up to Koda's chest, and he's not a small dog! Tough trail!

Koda and Chris playing :D

It's important to have more days like Sunday (activity and clean eating that makes me feel energized body and spirit!) than days like Friday/Saturday where I indulged a bit. And I do, so I feel at peace right now :)



  1. Looks like fun if it didn't look SO cold! LOL

  2. I soooo want to try out snow shoeing but we rarely get enough snow in our mountains here for it... I need to add that to my list for 2014!!! Glad you guys had a fun day in the white stuff!