Friday, December 13, 2013

It always works in the end...

The scale finally moved - and in the right direction! 120.4... see, Kelly, sometimes the scale does still frustrate me! I have not perfectly mastered this art. Sometimes disordered behaviors and thoughts still surface. This time, it was the fact that I felt so stuck when I was doing SO well. It didn't make sense to me, and as the days went on, I got a little frustrated (also had something to do with my post from yesterday where I feel absolutely surrounded by gluttonous behavior!!).

But, I got past it yesterday by once again just doing what I know is right for myself - good sleep, lots of water, daily activity, lots of protein and vegetables.

I know in my heart of heart that works and that it is the right thing to do. I will keep my body healthy and energetic and my spirit light if I fuel my body well and keep it moving.

Even if I get frustrated with the scale, I will NEVER be let down by doing those things for myself.

And in that vein... there is a holiday party for where I used to work (and Chris still works) tonight. One of the employees brews his own beer, built a bar at his house and has his own kegs. He invites everyone over and we all drink his beer and have a nice time.

I told Chris I didn't want to go. I just am tired of temptations!

But my friends from that workplace kind of gave me a little heck when Chris told them I didn't plan to go (he wasn't supposed to tell anyone!). And I think I will go, now, for a little while. I still don't want to drink beer or eat any snacks, though!

I feel like a HUGE weirdo, but I think I will bring my own seltzer to drink - it keeps my hands occupied, my mouth satisfied (bubbles and flavor), my stomach full. I will also eat a nice dinner before I go (beef "chili" and brussels sprouts). And, it IS No Chip December for me and Chris, so that will help me not eat the snacks!

And I wanted to clear something up because someone asked in the comments - I am definitely NOT expecting anyone to eat like me. I eat clean and paleo and that is a tall order in this culture. It's insane to expect my friends to eat like that. BUT, my complaints are that they are at the other end of the spectrum completely - there is so much junk food, a ton of sweet treats, eating out all the time, take out, junk food, wine and beer all the time, and almost zero physical activity. I've done alright living how I want to live despite the people I love living the opposite way - but this holiday season, the drinking and eating is out of control! And I am surrounded by it! And I am torn because I want to be around people I love this time of year, but their habits aren't healthy, and healthy is a goal of mine.

But as Gwen has been telling me, it really IS this time of year... and this time of year will pass. And come New Years, I won't have any weight I will pledge to lose AND all my friends will start getting on the healthy bandwagon in a desire to lose some of those holiday pounds. And things will be easier. :)

I just need to be patient with them and with myself. And stay strong and do what I know is right for myself.

Where I walk my dog :)



  1. YAY you, all the way around today, Jeanette! In charge!

    Guess what: at 8:30 this morning, a new pound of See's chocolates showed up. I didn't even walk over to the open box, 6 feet from me, and peer in. What I don't see (let alone don't touch) cannot hurt me. We are in the home stretch! We've got this!!

    And I think your plan tonight is perfect, and I will be right beside you, doing similar things, while at my departmental lunch today that will have onion ring loafs, shrimp cocktail (YAY), mozzarella cheese sticks, BBQ baby back ribs, BBQ chicken, tri tip, loaded baked potatoes, cole slaw, steamed veggies (YAY), BBQ beans, brownie 'surprise and peanut butter pie for dessert. YEESH! But we are both eating pretty darned clean, and most importantly, GUILT-FREE.

  2. :-) Eh, don't feel like a weirdo. And anyway, come Jan 1, EVERYONE will be wanting, dreaming and trying to eat like you (and I) do. Let me know when you travel downstate! You are still planning on coming, right?

  3. It is hard to be around unhealthy stuff for sure. But this will be the third year in a row where I don't make a New Years resolution to get healthy...and not follow through with it! Because I'm already there!!!! And so are you:) Leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. We win, we win:)

  4. I think most people are a lot less judgmental than we think they are. In the summer in my job, there is a lot of less healthy food around because firefighters need quick energy foods they can eat on the move. There's a lot of chips, candy bars, etc and don't even get me started on the MREs! But there is usually something more healthful to eat these days (it used to be a lot worse). I sometimes work with a guy who rarely eats processed food. He will dehydrate veggies and fruits at home and bring them in his pack, as well as dried salmon, etc. Nobody thinks he is a weirdo; in fact I think they envy his food!

  5. Patience is sometimes a tall order in and of itself. Are they pushy eaters too? I have some friends who literally PUSH food on me...hand me plates and stuff and others couldn't care less what I am, or more importantly, am NOT eating.