Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coffee in, Spirits up!

Ok, 3 hours of sleep or no- I drank a thermos of coffee and feel much better!!

The weather is crappy here at the courthouse, wet and snowy and cold and gray:

We got our break at 11:30 so I went and walked up and down the courthouse steps for 20 minutes: 

Then I did yoga stretches and wall sits in the break room.

Feeling good.

Just goes to show that sometimes you can't control your circumstances, but you can create a better day for yourself!! (Sometimes!)

Namaste :)


  1. yay you! so are you on a long term case, or 'grand jury' duties...?

    1. Grand jury once a week for 12 weeks (boo haha)

  2. Ugh. Jury duty...good for you for getting some fitness in. BTW...started a new blog if you're interested. No offense taken if you're not. ;)