Thursday, December 5, 2013

No Chip December Update- Temptation #1 already happened!

TV night was last night (if you are new to reading my blog, TV night happens almost every Wednesday - around a dozen of my friends will gather at someone's house who has a DVR - we need it because we get so riled up, we have to rewind the show - and watch Survivor... we get really into it, having friendly bets and screaming at the TV. It's a nice mid-week social event.).

And, as usual, TV night came with it's temptation.

Tortilla chips and salsa... mm.

I loooove tortilla chips and salsa!! But, alas, it is No Chip December for me.

So I didn't have any :)

If I hadn't made that promise to myself and to Chris, I would have eating anywhere between 200 and 500 calories of chips and salsa!

Instead, I had reinforcements. I brought an entire liter bottle of seltzer (the holiday flavor of toasted coconut!!) and drank that while sitting around and chatting before the show started. There were also some carrot sticks I munched on. I'll admit I stole some furtive glances at the chips, thought about how nice and crunchy and salty they were, but I moved on, sipped my seltzer and focused on chatting and laughing.

It's getting easier through time to remember that social gatherings can be and ARE about being social - not about keeping my mouth and taste buds occupied.

I keep junk food, processed food, and non-paleo food out of my house. There is no reason to indulge in it just because I am out of the house! I don't like what it does to my body.

So, success one with turning away from the chips. Going to keep the momentum rolling! (Oh! And I still weigh 120.2 this morning, which I certainly wouldn't have if I had eaten salty chips last night... nice little reward).

My saviors - bubbly, flavorful seltzers keep me from feeling deprived!

Enjoy your day, my friends!

Namaste <3


  1. GOOD JOB, SWEETIE!!!! Way to rock it!!!

  2. You are awesome!! The seltzer sounds fun and yummy! I love your no chip December idea, ha! Rock on girl!