Monday, December 2, 2013

Indian food, food as entertainment

I was really proud of my dinner last night! I had jalfrezi sauce that I mixed with coconut milk to get it a little creamy- I added this to a mixture of organic cauliflower, broccoli, onion, mushrooms, and ground turkey. I had also seasoned the meat and vegetables with curry powder, cumin, and black pepper. I somehow managed to cook the vegetables really, really well. That nice place between tender but not mushy. Chris and I have been craving Indian food and this felt like a real Indian dish at an Indian food restaurant. Out craving got totally taken care of! So delicious and almost paleo (there were a couple small ingredients in the jalfrezi sauce that weren't paleo).

I weigh 120.6! That is the absolute lowest I've ever weighed at this time of the year. Last year, because of the holidays and my own grief, I got up to 127,128 this time of year.

Adding that extra 15-20 minutes of exercise has made a definite difference.

So last night, Chris and I drove over to a friends house to hang out for little bit. During the drive we had a conversation about why non-nutritious junk food exists. We live in a confusing world where food is entertainment and not fuel anymore. We drove past pizza places and other fast food places and I looked at them with a strange eye. I realized that the only thing you're giving you is calories and entertainment and almost 0 nutrition.

How did this happen?

How did we create a world where food doesn't need to be nutritious for us to eat it?

We are past the time where we desperately need calories no matter their nutrition. I'll admit that there have been a lot of times in human history where people are just trying to feed the masses. Where you need to get calories into these humans to give them energy to be alive, no matter what the nutrition. And that's how we ended up with a lot of wheat and rice and things like that being farmed as the main staple crop.

One funny example Chris brought up was the lumberjack breakfast. That used to be a really important way to feed men that were going to go out into the forest and chop down trees and use up thousands upon thousands of calories. So you had to feed them lots of pancakes, lots of waffles, lots of bacon, lots of sausage, all covered in maple syrup, just to make sure they had the fuel to do their job. 

Lumberjacks are not the ones eating lumberjack breakfast anymore. It's just gluttonous entertainment for men who want to try to eat them.

It's a weird world. Food is entertainment. It is even to me (I like going out to fancy restaurants and having a food experience!). And it's strange, because we have entertainment all around us, we don't need food to be entertainment.

But, Chris and I have really decided that most of our life food will always be delicious but it won't be entertainment. We fill our house with super nutritious food. Sweet potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, mangoes, oranges, grass fed meats, etc. There are none of those bulk foods in the house that are mostly just calories with a very little nutrition. No potato chips, no cookies, no wheat, no rice, no pasta, no junk.

It's weird to go against the norm of your culture. But I'm at the healthiest weight I've ever been. And I'm really happy. And that's what matters.

Namaste <3

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  1. I'm going totally old fashioned to give you my take: it happened when women went to work AND the government decided women's income COULD count towards a mortgage! Did you know that it wasn't always that way, re their income counting towards a mortgage? When that happened, housing costs skyrocketed, women almost HAD to go to work to afford a house, and convenience and speed became the norm. Without mom at home (until 5 or 6 pm)....the microwave was borne, and the rest is history.