Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another long day at the tattoo parlor..

At the tattoo place for Chris' final sitting for his tattoo (will post pics when it's healed- it's so awesome!)

We are trying to stay healthy after this holiday. We did pretty well but definitely strayed away from the 90/10 paleo template we like to keep!! So while we didn't pack on the pounds, my stomach hurts a little and I feel sluggish and bloated. Reminds me why I like eating paleo-ish.

This week is back to normal though- lean meat, eggs, tons of veggies, nuts, a little fruit. Lots of water.

We started the day with an egg/veggie scramble. Brought yogurt, bananas and a raw Brussels sprout salad to the tattoo parlor.

And, of course, delicious COFFEE:

Got my kindle and am all settled in. Chris has the hard part today! 

Reminds me that I want to take nice photos of my healed tattoo to share. Will do that soon.

Happy December everyone!!

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