Saturday, December 28, 2013

Almost Dead

Nope, I'm not almost dead, don't worry :) That's the name of the band we went to see last night! It's a Grateful Dead cover band made up from some of the best musicians in the jam band scene- they don't really play shows a lot, it's just a project, a celebration of the music... And something really special to be able to witness.

Chris and I ate salads for dinner before our friends picked us up from our hotel. We went to a taco bar so everyone could eat but Chris and I just had a few drinks, I had two vodka drinks. At the show, I drank water and had some sips of Chris' beer - it was a decently long show, but I barely noticed, super fun. Great having a ton of my friends there (though some of them got very drunk and there were a few incidents, hahaha, not my stories to tell though!).

So, very successful and fun night, we got a ride back to the hotel from friends, and I ate a chocolate bar in the car. It was really awesome (I was actually starving, we ate the salad around 5 PM and it was just a salad so not super substantial to sustain us for the next eight hours of our night of dancing!). Chris and I shared a little bit of wine back at the hotel and stayed up till four in the morning :)

We are now on the road back home, going to pick up the dog from the kennel, it's a clear and crisp and beautiful day here. The dog is going to be wanting a long walk and I think we're both excited to do that!

Oh yeah, we stopped for breakfast and I am proud that I made a good decision at the deli, and got a western omelette to go. Even though I was craving a bagel and cream cheese or an egg sandwich! Just a little off Paleo with the cheese, but no big deal. Wheat is more of my enemy than dairy.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!!! 

Back to normalcy for us the rest of the weekend! 

Namaste <3


  1. Mmmm, looks delicious!
    Have a safe trip home!

  2. Cover bands are always brilliant - well those I've seen.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  3. You guys are so much fun! Glad you enjoyed your evening...and that breakfast looks "cute" in that tiny tin.

  4. That omelette to go looks great - like you wheat is my enemy not dairy. That is the only reason I say I'm primal, not paleo. I still try to minimise milk though and just stick to good cheeses if possible. I'm glad you had a great time!