Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No Chip December

My biggest, biggest weakness is munching at social events... ESPECIALLY the chips and crackers (and the associated cheese) and those types of items.

So Chris and I came to an agreement: No Chip December (this includes crackers, crostinis, or anything in that family of snack!)

We choose chips because 1) they are a huge weakness for both of us and 2) they are super high in calories and have ZERO nutritive value AND 3) it is was too easy to mindlessly munch away from a big bowl and end up eating half a bag of chips!

I sometimes get social anxiety (a problem that I've always had but affects me a little less now... however, remnants of that anxiety can still creep in!) and will turn to the food and drink at a party to occupy myself so I feel less stressed.

We thought this agreement was really important right now, because December comes with tons and tons of social events with bowls of chips and platters of cheese and crackers at almost every single one. I need to have a little boost and extra incentive not to indulge in these, and a promise to my husband and the matter of my pride is pretty good!

Also, I have that goal of ending the year at 119 or below. This was the first year of my life I ever saw anything under the 120s, and I would like to end the year there :)

Namaste, my friends.

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  1. Good job! I gave up chocolate, as of this afternoon! No more chocolate for me, at least until 1/1. We'll re-evaluate at that point. This is the way to get through the holidays; discovering/naming our nemesis/kryptonite, and laying claim to avoid entirely for the remainder of the holidays! Booyah to us all who do! :)