Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Doing it because it's right (and sweet potato soup recipe)

A blogger I follow on the regular, Roni, has a little motto called "what you can, when you can" and I found that sticking in my mind like an earworm (you know those songs that get stuck in your head for days on end? It's a compliment, though, I promise!)!

I think of it a lot - and a variation on it, too. Doing what I can, even when I REALLY don't feel like it!!!

If you follow the weather, my little section of the northeast got pretty pummeled with snow the past 4-5 days. And it has been abso-freaking-lutely freezing out. Yesterday, I took the dog on a walk at 6:30 AM (because we both need a walk every day and I had jury duty all day) and my fingers froze when I took my gloves off to get his poop bag open (sorry for the gross image, haha).

The walk was awful. Not everyone shovels or shovels their walks well. Snowplows made huge piles of snow at every corner (meaning cross the street meant climbing a tiny snow mountain). Did I mention it was cold?

I really didn't want to go on my walk today. Really. Really, really didn't want to.

But if I didn't, I wouldn't get my steps in for the day (because I'd be cooped up at home) and Koda would be restless.

So I went. Did what I could. Because it's right.


Koda loved it, of course. He's got all the built in cold weather gear (he likes to take a nap outside when it's 5 degrees F out!)

There's lots of things throughout my day and week that I do because it's right. I don't always necessarily feel like it, but I think that's part of maturing and growing up. Cleaning, exercise, school work, eating well, tending to the animals' needs, etc.

So got my steps in today. Will do a core workout today (my arms already hurt from shoveling!!).

Weighing in at 121 today, again, and still happy with it :)

Food is spot on: lots of veggies in EVERY meal (tomatoes, onions, mushies, spinach), chicken, avocado and lots of homemade sweet potato soup!

Which reminds me, someone asked for my soup recipe. It's SUPER easy:

First, you should know when I cook, I don't measure anything. Ever, hahaha. Only for baking. So you kind of just have to know proper proportions here!

Cut up sweet potatoes into chunks, boil in veggie broth. When soft, blend with coconut milk and spices (I used cumin, curry powder, black pepper, ginger, paprika, a hint of cayenne and garlic powder) into creamy soup base!

I sauteed onions, chopped up broccoli and cauliflower in coconut oil and the spices used above.

I added those veggies to the soup base, threw in chopped mushrooms and voila!

A healthy, veggie-based soup :)

Namaste <3

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  1. good job!! Won't help the dog, but dance inside when you can! Great exercise you can vary up indoors. :)