Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter arrives...

Another day of frustrating grand jury service! Seriously, the wheels of justice grind verrrrrrry slowly.

Also- first real snowfall of the winter here. Cold, gray skies. View from the grand jury room:

Same old prep work for my day: egg scramble breakfast, thermos of coffee for the day, bunless burger and broccoli for lunch, yogurt and almonds and banana for snacks.

I'm a little dehydrated the past couple days- got off my obsessive water drinking schedule over the weekend. But I sit by the water cooler during jury duty and sip all day long... I go pee more than any other juror hahaha.

So cold out... Going to do squats in the break room after lunch instead of going for a walk!

Not much to report, no big thinky thoughts or rants today. Can't all be winners!



  1. Brrrr. I got off my water routine an gained a UTI, :( Love that picture and hang in there with Jury Duty. Sounds like you are making the best of it. Happy Thanksgiving!