Monday, November 18, 2013

Morning scramble!

And not "morning scramble" as in I am rushing around like crazy... just my typical breakfast!

I've been eating the same breakfast for months and months. I can't remember when it started, even!

If you've been reading me for a while, you know one of my favorite little shortcuts is to make a huge batch of ground meat/veggies/spices so that I end up with over two pounds of really healthy food just ready to eat in tupperwares. I heat it up for dinner all by itself or maybe put it over a roasted sweet potato or mix it into egg or eat it over a bed of spinach. Whatever!

I've taken to eating more of a "brunch" than breakfast. I eat later in the morning and eat a REALLY hearty meal (usually around 450 calories).

I eat the mix and egg scramble below over half a sweet potato:

I stay really full all morning and early afternoon. Then I usually have a decent snack or two before dinnertime in the evening. No fuss or muss, so simple that I never mind doing it. Also, it tastes really good - I make a slightly different mix every week. I change the meat and the veggies and the spices up to keep my tastebuds guessing :)

This week it was more of an Italian flavored mix - green beans and spinach and tomatoes with ground turkey, flavored with black pepper, oregano and basil. Sometimes I go more Indian with cumin and ginger. Sometimes more Mexican with chili and garlic powders.

Also wanted to share my happy kitchen table arrangement. I like looking at it and it makes me happy to be in the kitchen (the cup candle is a favor from my SILs baby shower!)

Starting the day off right with a healthy meal and a long walk with the dog. As usual. I have some pretty strict habits that take the guesswork out of my day :)

Weighing in at 121.8 this morning. I wasn't the best behaved this weekend (if you remember the cupcake I mentioned and I ate chips, too, that sodium really reacts poorly with me). But I kept enough in check and did enough prep work for my weekend of travel that I am still in my happy range!

Enjoy your day, my friends! Namaste <3


  1. I have 2 'Christmas cactuses' starting to bloom, so I think they must be Thanksgiving cactus. I moved them outside (got them last winter from my mom), and they looked horrible...leaves got real yellow/brown, but I didn't throw them out. Never fertilized them. Now they are going nuts! :)

  2. I usually eat a big batch of veggies & eggs for breakfast too. Yum.