Friday, November 1, 2013

Hectic day!

My day began very late, I slept wayyyyyy in by accident and got a late start. The dog didn't even get his walk till noon! And I've been running around doing errands like a crazy person...

AND Chris will be home shortly from a week of travel, so that takes precedence over blogging right now ;) I'm sure you can understand that, my friends!

But, just as an update: weight is the same. Eating and exercise going well. Will probably weigh 120 pounds when I get my tattoo on Sunday, which is fine by me!! Only a pound higher than my lowest weight, cannot complain about that at 31 years old.

Love to you all <3


  1. Have a fantastic weekend!! Can't wait to see your new tat!!

  2. Glad you got to sleep in! Have a great rest of the weekend, tat-girl! LOL