Thursday, November 28, 2013

Post Holiday Wrap Up

Thanksgiving was really great! We had a great time at grandmas and some of my aunts and uncles and cousins stopped by. My grandmother is 98 years old and very sharp so it's great to just sit and talk with her for hours.

That was really the best part of Thanksgiving for me and for Chris too, I think. We are really trying to focus on family and friends and love and all the really nice things about holidays this year and not focus so much on the food.

That is not to say that we didn't eat the food! I had all the traditional Thanksgiving items - Turkey (white meat only!), stuffing, cranberry sauce and a lot of spinach salad that I made. My aunt actually made mashed sweet potatoes so it was really nice to be able to eat those instead of the white mashed potatoes. I only had one plateful of all the items (except for the turkey which I took seconds of) so I didn't overdo it on things like stuffing which aren't that great for me!

And, of course, I had pumpkin pie because that is my absolute favorite pie in the whole world. It wasn't Paleo, obviously, but I don't regret a minute of enjoying that pie at a table with all my family.

I was full but not uncomfortably, in pain kind of full. It was my second meal of the day and I ate it around 330. I was full enough that I did not eat a third meal of the day!

Overall I felt really good about the holiday. I woke up this morning still weighing 122 pounds. It's a little higher than I would like, but nothing crazy especially for the day after Thanksgiving (and I went to a party the day before Thanksgiving)!

Here's a photo with me yesterday feeling like I look just how I want to look. I want to keep it that way over this entire holiday season. And I think I will 100% be able to.

We also invited a friend over who is going to really tough time right now. She lost both her parents this year. So we shared a glass of wine with her and kind of just help the day go by with some friendly faces. We opened a bottle of our favorite wine, and it was really a great reason to have some wine and be with a friend and try to make someone's day a little brighter than it might of been. 

There always reasons to indulge in the holidays. To have a glass of wine, to have a piece of pie, or to sit down to a big meal with a lot of people. I like all those things. But I like doing them in such a way that I remember why I'm doing them. It's about the people you're doing it with and not about the things you're consuming necessarily.

Namaste- and remember what's really important to you this holiday season (I'm betting it's not food or shopping!!!)



  1. You look beautiful! Skinny minny! Hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day. :-)

  2. You really do look great. Bless you for thinking of your friend in her time of loss. That was kind of you and I am sure it make a big difference for her. And thank you for your kind words of advice to me in my time of loss, too. I really appreciate it. May we all heal from our pain... take care.