Monday, November 4, 2013

Hawk Tattoo

Short and sweet, I wanted to share photos with you of the new tattoo.

But, first, how it went yesterday... It was intense!! The first 3.5-4 hours were fine, normal tattooing pain. After hour 4, my body started going into a bit of shock, all my chemicals freaking out because of the wound and pain. I almost didn't make it through the tattoo! It was the closest I've ever come in my life to fainting.

Just over 5 hours and I was a mess for the rest of the night!

But worth it! I love the tattoo (though WOW it hurts and is making my morning harder!!).

Here it is (still pretty raw so you can't see all the colors/detail yet):

Namaste! I'm off to try and walk the dog (it's hard because I don't even want to put a shirt on!)


  1. That's beautiful! You are a beast!!!!

  2. Amazing!! I love the placement and wing span. But I do imagine getting a tattoo that size, taking hours like that would hurt, and cause a lot of discomfort. Hope it heals quickly. Did you post a picture of Chris's wedding tattoo? I may have to search back and find it.

    1. He is getting his next week - we both use the same tattoo artist, so had to have different appointments. I am glad because I NEEDED him there holding my hand in that last hour, hahahah. We waited so long after the wedding because we wanted to wait till after Japan - one thing at a time!

    2. Awesome! I'm sure he'll be a tuff guy through his, but I'm sure he'll appreciate you sitting with him as well. Looking forward to seeing his wolf!