Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Weighed in the same as yesterday today (but had to weigh in three-four hours earlier than normal because I had to get up early for jury duty).

I like to make sure Koda (and I!) still gets a good walk in on days like these, even if it means waking up in pitch black darkness. Waking up in the dark really messes with my biological clock.

I am once again prepared for the day so that I don't have to buy food outside of my home:

I have lots of water, lots of coffee, my book and you can see my snack of almonds and raisins there- I use that to maintain steady blood sugars all morning so I'm not ravenous for lunch!

Lunch is my mix, sweet potato and yogurt. I brought a banana in case the day runs long (which it seems like it is).


Don't let them catch you with your pants down (or without some healthy meals and snacks in your lunchbox).

I really feel like being outside the home for work, errands or travel is no excuse for eating poorly. We all have to do these things all the time. If we allow the excuses, it is easy to eat poorly a lot of the time.

I took 30 minutes to grocery shop on Sunday and 30 minutes to prep food on Monday and 5 minutes to pack lunch today. That hour of prep saves me time all week long. It takes mere minutes to set myself up well for my day in the morning.

Totally worth it!

Here's a cute picture of my creatures interacting (if you can call it that!):

And me enjoying cocoa and a tired pup:

Be nice to yourselves today <3



  1. Don't prepare, and prepare to fail. I totally believe in that motto. :)

  2. Actually, I think it's 'fail to prepare, and prepare to fail.' LOL