Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fast food

My friends were all talking about fast food yesterday, talking about which ones they love the most, which they don't, how much they eat it, how convenient it is, etc, etc.

It really blew my mind!

A few friends remarked that there is a Taco Bell across from their work, and it is so convenient that they eat it for lunch a time or two during the work week.


I forgot how MUCH I've changed my eating habits in the past few years and how different it is from the standard American diet! Fast food isn't an option. I'll go hungry before I'll stop for fast food. I haven't eaten fast food in ten years (with the exception of a drunken stop at Burger King a few years ago and twice in an airport while exhausted and ready to cry.... so 3 times in ten years, all regrettable!!!)

I can't believe normal, sane, grown, educated humans eat fast food. It's mind blowing. It's just not food, it's not a valid option. The three times I've had it in the past decade, it has wreaked SUCH havoc in my gut, because it was barely qualified as food. My body knew it. Hell, I knew it, but I wanted comfort (and ended up in discomfort, haha).

If I could change one thing about the food industry, it would be fast food. I would love for everyone to be accountable for making and preparing their own food most of the time... I think people would be a lot more healthy if they were more connected to their food. Shopping for or growing your own food, caring for it, preparing it, cooking it, etc... you know what you are eating all the time.

Fast food? Most people don't know or care what they are putting in their body, they just want fast calories that are pleasurable.

It's not an option for me. I really am kind of judgmental about people who it IS an option for (sorry, but I'm being honest here!!).

I absolutely let my friends know my feelings on the matter, too, hahaha.

I slip up a lot and eat things not on plan (like grains) or eat too much, but fast food? Not a slip up that is an option for me.

So, TV night with my friends is tonight... and guess what they are doing right now? Taking orders for Five Guys burgers and one of our friends is going to pick it up and they are going to chow down during the shows.


It is insanely difficult to live in this society and try to maintain health, for sure!

I will be eating butternut squash, spinach, tomatoes and chicken for dinner. I had a sweet potato, eggs, and guacamole (home made) for breakfast.

And so the journey goes....

Namaste :)


  1. Awww, come on, not difficult at all! They eat crap, we don't want it! :)

    Over my 62 years, it's amazing how horrible (American) society has gotten about delayed gratification. We want everything, five minutes ago. Our own food certainly is at the top of that list. We can't wait/don't want the wait for making food 'the old fashioned way.' Microwaves, remote controls so we don't have to get up and walk to the TV to change changes, the computer instead of the library; the list goes on and on.

  2. Great post! It's been years since I had a McD's burger but I still remember its exact taste. Crazy! Education is the key. If people only knew how food engineers create these "Frankenfoods" to keep people coming back for more and increasing the corporation's profits. But as Gwen points out, people have become so lazy, even knowing what these products are, that is sometimes no deterrent.

  3. Your dinner sounded waaaaaay more yummy to me. And I eat what yo had for breakfast all the time. So good!