Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What this time of year really brings, how to cope

It was a nice, long fall. Not too cold, not too much rain, really very lovely overall!

But I cannot pretend anymore. Winter IS here. Snow, freezing rain, gray skies, cold winds, low temperatures. Ahhhhh... the Northeast!

I battle, like most other people this time of year, with the changes. We are hit with the PERFECT STORM of bad weather and holiday season. All the festivities surrounding FOOD! It is so natural. Winter hits, we are all forced inside, and so we need reasons to party and fill up the gloomy atmosphere with joy.

It's happened for 1000s and 1000s of years. From the earliest of sedentary people and whatever gods they worshiped - there was always a mid-winter celebration. Something to remind us that life is bright and spring WILL come. A time to feast, when the rest of the winter they perhaps didn't have a ton of food.

But, for us? In this modern world? We still want reasons to celebrate, to surround ourselves with joyous festivities in the middle of winter... but it isn't exactly like we don't feast the rest of the year, is it? haha.

So, here's what we are battling:

- worsening weather, cold weather

- general mood drop because of gray skies!

- dropping activity levels because of the weather

- rising hunger levels because of the weather (it is super biologically NORMAL to eat more and put on more fat when the weather gets cold.... but since we have fleece and down, it's not like we'll die if we don't, hahah)

So, what do we do?

For me, being aware of it is a huge step. Remembering that I am overall less active (sorry, Koda, sometimes we cut the walk short in the winter when it's pouring freezing rain!), remembering that I can tend towards a little seasonal depression, remembering that my hunger has physiologically increased, etc.

For example:

I will drink more flavored teas in the winter, to sort of curb my appetite or my desire for the lovely flavors of winter (like peppermint!)

I will FORCE myself to maintain activity levels similar to the summer... this is hard, because in the summer, I will skip on outside several times a day just to enjoy the weather. It means a lot more yoga and strength training indoors.

I will remember that the things that give me joy at this time of year surrounds PEOPLE, not food! I don't need to indulge in sweets and treats for the next two months to get a little of the joy that the holidays brings.

I bring lots and lots of flavored seltzers (have you tried champagne strawberry? awesome) to holiday get-togethers... I sip on those bubbly, flavorful drinks to 1) keep my hands busy 2) keep my mouth busy 3) enjoy the flavors 4) fill my stomach up so I won't eat 5 cupcakes!

I will remember that a healthy body is the best gift I can give to myself this Christmas :)

Weighing in at 122 today... a little up. As I said, I DO struggle this time of year. But I refuse to lose that struggle!

Peace and Love and Happy Thanksgiving to you all tomorrow!!!

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  1. I'm lucky that I live in southern gets 'cold', but we still have lots of days of sunshine, even if it's only in the 50's or 60's outside. Even 2 days of gloom and my energy and spirit is zapped!

    Don't forget you can DANCE indoors! Any time, any weather, any length of time! booyah!

    Happy Thanksgiving, pumpkin! :)