Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pre-thanksgiving party outfit!

I like to wear tight clothes to parties- form fitting items that will make it obvious when I've binged!

Tonight, I'm going to a party with friends- wearing a thin, clingy tank top so I won't want to over indulge... Haha, it true, though. If I wore a big oversized sweater I would be much more inclined to overindulge and eat a few piece of pie and drink a few glasses of wine and do whatever felt great at the moment. This way I have to be a little bit more aware of myself and my body and my limitations.

Also if I'm wearing something that makes me feel small and cute I will also be more inclined to be a little bit more moderate and not overdo it because I want to keep the body I have!!

Ah, the holidays! 

I wish it were easier to stay on plan, but I do what I can!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Keep on plan and just remember what you said recently "I will remember that a healthy body is the best gift I can give to myself this Christmas :)"

    All the best Jan

  2. I remember wanting winter to come so I could layer up and eat a lot. I'm glad those days are gone. I fooled no one in my bulky sweaters. Safe travels and plan before you go.

  3. Adorable! Hope you didn't give in...too much. ;)

    happy thanksgiving!