Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ammonia in Fast Food

Well, first, I weighed in at 120.8 this morning. So down almost 3 lbs from yesterday. That was a very strange fluctuation!! I am usually very consistent in my weight, not a lot of variation. It's why daily morning weighing has always worked for me, not a lot of surprises.

I guess I was very bloated or something? I don't know. I like to keep an eye on the balances or imbalances of my body, so I'm glad I keep track.

But also glad I'm back in my comfort zone!!!

So, McDonald's finally admitted to and began to stop the process of washing it's low quality meat with ammonia before making it into burgers....

Great. Color me underwhelmed.

This crap isn't food. Don't eat it. The fact that they've been feeding people ammonia for years and years should tell you how much they care about your health.

Jamie Oliver Proves McDonalds Burgers Unfit for Human Consumption

This was my colorful, clean and natural dinner last night (roasted beets, butternut squash and a mix of ground chicken/tomatoes/spinach/mushroom/onions! - I find that no hormone, natural meats are cheaper in their ground form).

Eat clean, live well, namaste!!

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