Monday, November 25, 2013

Balancing Indulgence and Health

I'll start at the beginning!

Saturday was a TON of fun. We went on a mini hike with Koda locally and cleaned up around the house. We went over to our friends' house for a pre-party dinner (we ordered out, I got a salad with grilled chicken on it) and then the fetish themed costume party started!

There are no pictures of me, since it WAS a fetish party, I was dressed in a way that, just perhaps, I would not want future employers to see, hahaha. I felt AWESOME in my costume, though, and the party was really fun. I talked and laughed and was silly and danced all night long with a bunch of my favorite people in the world. We walked home in the FREEZING cold (I brought cold weather gear) 2 miles at 6 AM - crazy. I didn't drink that much, a few beers, and didn't really snack, either. Felt great about my health choices, even if I lost a night of sleep!

I was so excited from the party, I didn't really sleep in the morning - I find it hard to sleep in the morning, too. If it is daylight out, I don't sleep easily.

So Chris and I lounged around in bed and watched TV all morning. We didn't really eat anything till after 1 PM!! We were so tired, we actually went out for brunch, and it was totally awesome.

I didn't stay paleo, because, well, I'll just be honest. Sometimes I just don't care!! BUT I do ALWAYS care about my health overall and try to be nice to my body. So I got two eggs with salsa and avocado over fresh corn tortillas. It was perfect - nice portion, just right, I felt full and like I put some good food in myself.

Coffee and a drink were included in the meal, so I was drinking coffee and a mojito with brunch!

Since I really didn't drink much on Saturday night (which was a night I usually indulge HARD), I didn't feel bad about a little drink on Sunday. I've been so, so, so good about my alcohol consumption for MONTHS. I've barely drank at all. Which made this weekend's little indulgences much more sweet :)

It was also really nice to go out with Chris on Sunday. We have been saving money and focusing on health, both of which don't really mesh well with going out to eat. He had a nice healthy (but still indulgent!) brunch too - duck sausage and egg scramble!

Then we did a little grocery shopping and did another indulgent thing we don't usually do - went to the movies!! We saw the new Hunger Games movie (we both loved the books) and fell totally in love with it. It was AMAZING.

They stayed so true to the book, the subtle emotions and complexities of the relationships and scenarios in the book came across SO WELL. The actors are all really, really great. Obviously, Jennifer Lawrence was stunning. She looked amazing and played the part of Katniss so well, I really truly could BELIEVE she was Katniss. The final moment in the movie almost made my heart stop. There were so many great moments in the movie - I cried, a LOT. No shame, either. It was really well done. Great story, great actors, great settings, great costumes, it was all perfect. Wouldn't change a thing!

Well, then I came home, ate a turkey burger, collapsed and slept for 14 hours.

I'm pretty stiff after the super long sleep, but I needed to catch up on what I missed Saturday night, so I am glad.

Had yogurt and coffee at noon, now I am going to stretch a little and loosen up before I attempt the dog walk!

I had a really great weekend, I am in such high spirits :) I also weigh 121.8, so I know I did really well with balancing a little indulgence and my health.

Hope you all feel as happy as I do right now! Namaste <3


  1. You go woman! What a fun weekend! Congrats on rocking out your fetish costume...and staying up all night. Gees, I'm just a few years older than you, but if I make it til midnight I feel exhausted...ha!!

    We went and saw the Hunger Games movie yesterday too! I loved it! I haven't read the books, but with the way the second one ended, I went home and purchased the 3rd book for my kindle and started reading it last night...I'm 1/3rd the way done..ha!! It was fantastic!

    Have a fantastic week!

  2. Can't wait to see HG. I love Jennifer Lawrence! Sounds like a great weekend. Go you!

  3. Wow your weekend sounds great and a lot of fun.

    Have a great week too.

    All the best Jan

  4. You should hear that you're amazing. I hope I balance my maintenance as well as you. :)