Sunday, November 17, 2013


Travel went well! Lots and lots of sitting in the car, which I do not love. I feel slightly bloaty and sluggish from that (and the fact that I ate a cupcake at the baby shower!).

Back to normal today. No spirals here :D

Had an egg and veggie and ground turkey scramble this morning, having pork chops and brussels sprouts tonight. Very light lunch, maybe just a snack. Eating the treats yesterday at the shower wasn't the best choice I could have made!

Already took the dog on a (rainy) walk and now Chris and I are going to the mall to update my phone and to just walk around, since it is rainy and dreary outside, we want to just take an easy walk in the mall. It's easy to do a few miles in the mall we have in our city!

Pictures from the ferry ride to Long Island from Providence:



  1. Welcome back, Jeanette! Sounds like you did okay; one little cupcake ain't the end of the world, and perhaps next time, you'll pass. If not, a day or two of your normal routine and any 'damage' will be gone. :)

  2. Enjoy getting back to your normal routine :)