Friday, November 22, 2013

My weird foods

Maintaining at yesterday's weight and feeling great in general. Ah, the good old natural upswings of life (usually followed by a downswing, but why be pessimistic?? Just going to enjoy for now!).

Had a weird breakfast this morning: I heated up leftover cauliflower rice, then I heated up a Mexican spiced turkey/onion/mushroom mix in a pan and cooked some eggs into it. I served the egg/meat combo over the rice and REALLY enjoyed it. New textures and flavor combos. Never eaten cauliflower with my eggs before, hahah.

I buy what is fresh, on sale and (as much as I can) organic. So what food we have in the house can be really random. But I have matured enough to not care about that - if it is fuel and good for my body, I eat it. Even if I eat typical dinner foods for breakfast or breakfast foods for dinner.

Also, since 90% of what I buy in the store is either meat or veggies, there isn't a LOT of variety in what KIND of foods I eat. Mixes, scrambles, meat with a veggie side, salads, crock pot meals, soups. Stuff like that.

But because of my (cheap) shopping rules of buying whatever is on sale (either organic or clean 15), I eat a lot of different sorts of veggies. Which is great. I do take a multivitamin every day, but I feel like I get tons of my vitamins and minerals from my veggie variety!

Also, buying grass fed beef whenever possible is a great way to eat meat but still get the benefits of all the grass the cow ate :)

Grass fed, local sirloin top round steaks were on sale at the store this morning... so I grabbed some for me and Chris for dinner tonight (they are very small).

It's so weird to be reminded of how I used to eat when I watch my roommate cook. He makes huge pots of pasta or rice and throws some veggies/meat and sauce into them. He eats ramen and lots of bread. Huge doses of grains several times a day.

I used to do that, too.

I couldn't IMAGINE how I would feed myself, what my meals would look like without grains.

I loved making all the different sorts of meals you can with grains: sandwiches, fish tacos, pizzas, spaghetti and meatballs, whatever.

Now, I know that my meals are less varied in type but SO much more varied in content. Having to fill my belly up every day without grains leads me to incorporate a lot of different vegetables in order to still feel like I have a little variety in my life.

And I feel so, so, so much healthier. Less bloated. Less heavy. Less sluggish. Less rashy. Lighter, freer, stronger, more energy!

I wish I could go back in time and tell my 21 year old self how great and weird this way of eating is! :D

Alright, off to work on some lectures for next semester. The dog is already walked, will do some yoga later and grab a shower before Chris comes home.

I am getting a haircut tomorrow, I will post a picture!



  1. ooo haircut! Can't wait to see!

    Yep, I have marinara (when I have it) on top of romaine, or just all by itself. No biggie! Tonight he's having chili dogs, and I'll have a small amount of the chili on top of a romaine salad. Yes, the chili probably has a small amount of masa flour on it; I'm not sweating it. I have this maybe 3-4 times a year, tops. No biggie. I'm not having 2 hot dogs, 2 buns, 4 times the chili, or 4 times the grated cheese on top. No french fries on the side. I've come a LONG way, but I do not claim perfection.

    And yes, we feel so much lighter, less sluggish, no gut issues, brain fog gone, peaceful, serene, and proud of ourselves! What a great way to live! :)

  2. "New textures and flavor combos." it's good to try out different combinations sometimes, and discover that some foods can be brilliant together.

    Happy hair cut

    All the best Jan