Friday, November 15, 2013

Traveling with Health in Mind and my next goal

I am off for a challenging weekend, food and exercise wise. I will be traveling a lot, alone.

I am driving to Providence, RI late this morning to spend the day and night with my sister-in-law at her new house. Then we are all heading to Long Island together (but in separate cars) for her baby shower on Saturday. Then I will drive home to Albany.

That's a lot of sitting. I usually am pretty mobile when I am at home. Always heading up and down the stairs, cleaning, playing with the dog, whatever. I don't sit still for long. I actually REALLY hate sitting for long periods of time. I get really antsy and uncomfortable (another reason I am not excitedly looking for an office job, haha).

But, there is nothing to be done for the inactivity, really. I can get out at rest stops and stretch. And I will definitely make a point of putting aside some time in the busy weekend of travel and socializing to do purposeful yoga.

But food is the biggest concern!! Obviously, part of the weekend is a party and there will be treats and things. And, just simply, I won't have easy access to my kitchen! I cook everything I eat, aside from snacks like bananas or yogurt. But, seriously, I cook three times a day.

So I am packing a little cooler for myself. I have roasted sweet potatoes, a ground turkey/green bean/tomato mix, bananas, and other assorted fresh and healthy food to bring.

I can't let the stress and time commitment of travel derail me!

I am still weighing in at 120.4 and want to keep it that way.

So did I mention my next goal? It's a silly one. I always like to set little goals that aren't too far away to keep me in check. For example, I wanted to stay healthy for my wedding, then for my trip to Japan, then for my tattoo. Little goals set about a month or so apart to just remind me WHY I am putting the work in to stay fit and healthy. Japan would not have been nearly as fun if I was gaining weight and/or sick because I didn't take care of myself!

The next goal is about a week away, a big party on Saturday that we call the Rage Cage (hahaha). It's a costume party where our friends' band plays along with several friends who are DJs. It used to be a Halloween party but changed into it's own thing eventually! There is always a theme for the costumes (one year zombies, one year cross dressing, one year post-apocalypse). This year, the theme is fetishes!!!

So, I have a costume. It doesn't leave a ton to the imagination. So really hoping I keep my indulgences in check this weekend and coming week so I can feel as comfortable as possible :D

Have a stunning weekend, my friends!


  1. I'm sure you will have a good weekend.

    Goal's are good to have it keeps the mind focused. The mind boggles,as the saying goes, for the theme of your 'Rage Cage' get-together.....but have fun.

    All the best Jan

  2. Have a fabulous weekend! My goal is the lowest weight I can accomplish by 12/31. My diet/lifestyle change started 1/1/13, so I want to be able to say "I lost xx pounds in 2013!" and have that be as high a number as possible. That will keep me in check all through the next 6-7 weeks of holiday activities. :)

  3. Be careful out there on the road! I love that you packed your cooler and are taking it with you...great job on being proactive! Life goes on and there's always going to be showers, birthday parties, engagement parties, just because parties...and I think you are doing well by being proactive and setting goals :)

    Love your goal...and what a fun theme..ha!