Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I've learned in 500 posts

Wow, my 500th post. Apparently, I've got a lot to say, haha! But, seriously, I love blogging- it helps me think, helps me stay accountable, helps me de-stress, and more. It's been a really useful tool in my life (especially this last year!)

So, what have I learned through these 500 posts? Life is a learning process and I sure hope I'm wiser than I was!

- that I've got to be 100% serious about this health thing. This is my one and only life and my one and only body, I've got to take care of them as best as possible because I'm not going to get another chance.

- that I've spent way too much time hating my body and thinking I am not worthwhile.

- that my spirit must be filled and taken care of or the care of my body will soon fall by the wayside.

- that being active isn't a hobby or a chore, it is a way of life and must infuse everything I do!

- that I can always eat things I like, but I can't eat all the things I like (if that makes sense!... meaning all my meals and snacks taste good, but just because I like pizza doesn't mean I get to eat it).

- that it's really, really hard in this society to make the right choices all the time for my health.

- that it is a long, long process undoing a lifetime of thinking/behaving like an obese or overweight person. It took me years to get down to my lowest adult weight, years and years to undo bad patterns and habits.

- that the work involved in ACTUALLY unlearning bad behaviors and ways of thinking is so, so, so worth it because it is so much easier to live as a healthy person when I am not just pretending at it.

- that I have to focus on filling my meals/snacks with protein and healthy fat... I eat about 50% carbs in a day, and I don't have to TRY to get that many, it just happens because carbs are in everything. So I make sure my other foods comprise things like eggs, chicken, avocados, etc.

- that grains are not my friends. They bulk out my diet with carbs and calories without any truly worthwhile nutrition (I can get the same and better nutrition from veggies, which also get me my carbs for the day).

- that alcohol is also not my friend. I have limited my intake to once every couple of weeks (and not binge drinking it then, either!).

- that the QUALITY of my food affects my body just as much as the type of food. I buy organic as much as possible (or stick to the Clean 15) and eat mostly only whole foods.

- I cannot reiterate the point above enough. Clean, chemical-free, pesticide-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free foods are a MUST!

So, these are the things that have been guiding my life since I started this blog. Clean, organic food compromised mostly of proteins and vegetables. Activity throughout the day. Caring for myself, treating my body like a precious machine that needs to be filled with the best of fuels.

Weighing in at 121.4 today, about a pound higher than I'd like, but I've been a bit of a sloth the past two days because of my tattoo. My shoulder still feels pretty raw and I still don't even want to feel a shirt on my skin, but it feels MUCH better and I know it is going to heal well, just have to give it time!

All my love, thanks for reading <3


  1. Love this post. Keep up the good work

  2. :-) I love me some starchy carbs, but they do not love me back. And because I am stubborn, I apparently love to learn that point over & over. That tat was off the hook!

  3. Excellent summary, sweet pea! You've nailed it on all points!