Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Week of Groceries in Different Countries

Just something to think about....

A Week of Groceries in Different Countries

USA's picture is pretty gross. I would like to think it's a biased photo and they really packed in the junk for the photo to show how bad American eating habits are. But, sadly, I think that is very much what that family eats in a week.

I'd like to have Bhutan's, Ecuador's, India's, or the Guatemalan groceries, though - they look delicious and nutritious (no junk - because it's not really available?... other supposedly "healthy" countries like Japan still have a bunch of processed junk).

Anyway, wanted to share! This has been making the rounds of my anthropology friends, interesting for a number of reasons.



  1. Very interesting... I wonder how they determined what went in the photos?

  2. Interesting and colourful thanks

    All the best Jan