Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another day cooped up!

I hate jury duty!

It reminds me of why I hate office jobs.

Stuck in a building for 8 to 9 hours, spending time getting to and from the building, no fresh air, little access to any healthy food aside from what you've brought. Spending most of your daylight hours inside... AUUGH.

Awful and inhumane.

Chris dropped me off (after an awful morning involving a broken French press, beverages dropped on the floor, and other mishaps.) and I will walk home (3 miles) to get my steps in.

I brought a paleo shepherd's pie for lunch and am drinking lots of water (and struggling to wait for ends of cases to pee!!!)

It's not fun being here. I really dislike it, now 5 weeks in, I dislike it ever more!

BUT I can be healthy while doing it, for sure.

Down to 122.8 this morning! Yay :) back into my "happy" range where I am comfy with my weight and body.

Truckin' on, always.



  1. Bummer. Mornings full of mishaps are no fun and jury duty on top of it? Ugh. Hang tough :)

  2. "Truckin' on, always."

    Try to keep smiling - sometimes easier said than done!


    All the best Jan